[OtE] [NPC] Noel "Neville Valoy de Sienne" Frassin

Socioposh Designer

A new NPC for Over the Edge.

Twenty-eight years ago, Noel Frassin was born in Béon, a small, quiet french provicial village, not long before his father left his mother for another woman. A quiet child, he spent his first twelve years in the care of his single mother enjoying the simple, tough farm life with his older sister.

After he was repeatedly - and vainly - admonished for torturing farm animals to death and trying to have intercourse with the resulting cadavers, his mother sent him to an psychological re-education facility near Paris, where he spent five years trying to cope with his sadistic impulses.

At the facility, Noel was taught interior decoration, in order to divert his attention from zoosadism and necrozoophiliac rape to a more creative trade. Somewhat surprisingly, Noel showed great interest and great promise in interior decoration. As soon as the doctors judged him sufficiently stable to leave the re-education facility, Noel applied and was admitted to a very select fashion and design school.

Though his impulses led him to a few violent sexual encounters with some other students who, luckily for Noel, declined to press charges, he successfully graduated and began working at an important fashion house. Fed up with the conservatism of his employers, he however rapidly decided to establish himself as an independent fashion designer, under the classier pseudonym "Neville Valoy de Sienne".

His first Paris fashion show, four years ago, "Parures Bouchères", in which models wore clothes partly made with animal entrails and skewered meat, sparked such an uproar with animal rights proponents that Noel had to exile himself to Al Amarja, where laws on animal cruelty are much more lenient. Still under the name of Neville, Noel nowadays still produces new designer clothes, and enjoys a small but dedicated following mainly consisting in Lucys. Sir Arthur Compton has bought two "rib-cage redingotes" from him, and is an open supporter of his latest work : An elaborate cape made of a flayed, live bleating lamb. For his next works, Noel plans on trying a new medium: human flesh.

At the request of Monique D'Aubainne, Neville Valoy de Sienne has been studying the redecoration of the Democratic Senate, and has submitted several proposals, mainly to get rid of all the 70's furniture and especially ''"zose hideeoozly uglee lava lamps"''. To date, however, all written suggestions he has formally submitted to the appropriate senatorial subcommittee on this topic have somehow been lost or strangely altered, to his obvious dismay.

French man, 28 years old, 177 cm tall, 62 kg, brown hair, hazel eyes, small forked beard. Often wears colorful, outlandish, leather or hide clothes.

Languages: French, English.

Attack: 3 dice, x2 (surgical saw)

Defense: 2 dice

Armor: 1 point (bone-reinforced jacket)

Hit points: 22 (wiry)


Avant-garde fashion designer, 4 dice - Though openly spiteful of more mainstream fashion trends, Neville is still very attentive to the latest rages in most fashionable places. He is well aware of his not being that talented and that he owes his success more to his subversive and radical notions of aesthetics than to an ability to cater to fashionable tastes. Therefore, he usually adapts and reinvents the latest trends in clothing fashion with a gory and/or bloody twist, then pretends to have been imitated by lesser minds, who don't understand the meaning of "bleeding-edge". (wears strangely bloody or peculiarly cut hide clothes)

Lecherous peacock, 3 dice - Neville makes daily efforts to impress his assistants, partners and customers with his own self-praised "sense of style". When feeling scorned, Neville multiplies witty double-entendres and sexy innuendos in order to elicit some romantic or purely sexual interest from his interlocutors. He frequently succeeds at it, though his partners tend to regret it later. (gestures extravagantly as though to an unseen audience when speaking)

Psychotic sadist, 3 dice - Neville long tried and failed to repress his impulses, and consequently had a few close calls with law enforcement regarding violent sexual offenses. As a consequence, Neville is cautious not to vent the full extent of his sadistic urges on any high-profile individual and tries to set up sadomasochistic encounters which do not lead to the gruesome death of his partners. When they don't, however, he is left feeling dissatisfied and empty. Though less reckless than in his past, he has grown more complacent since coming to Al Amarja, and has already raped, tortured and grievously mutilated several low-lives. His modus operandi is quite simple: first he baits his victims to go with him with the prospect of easily-earned money, then relishes in his sadistic sexual urges, and eventually dumps their mangled, barely breathing bodies in the gutter. (elongated scabs and cut on his hands)