[OtE] [NPC] Lava Lamp Globule

Chrysalis of influence

New NPC for Over the Edge.

A soft, viscous and waxy semi-material Dedomena egg, revolving in the hard, transparent plastic shell of a lava lamp, stands on many a senatorial clerk's desk.

Each globule, just like its siblings, uses the heat of the lamp and the administrative environment to achieve its slow maturation process. These immature globules exert a subtle, pernicious influence on the paperwork near them, though not to the extent of their parent Dedomena's powers. Usually barely sentient, these globules are, most of the time, a mere extension of Dedomena's will.

A number of them, however, having achieved actual sentience and a strong awareness of their situation, are not certain that the paperwork flux will be enough to sustain both their mother and its progeny. Those particular globules are actively researching a way to cause the demise of both their mother and other non-sentient siblings in order to ensure they have more room in the flux of documentary exchanges. Several of them consider that their survival rather depends on finding another environment for survival, and most turn their efforts to subverting and corrupting computer exchanges.

These sentient globules communicate, albeit excruciatingly slowly, with each other using typos and syntax mistakes sprinkled throughout documents circulating between desks and services.

Attack : 1 die (squishy tendrils)

Defense : 1 die (viscous body)

Armor : 1 die (hard plastic incubator encasing)

Hit points: 20 (partially immaterial)


@Partially extradimensional entity - Dedomena's progeny is here, but not really there. Any damage sustained by them is divided by 3.

Paperwork Warp, a.k.a. "Documentary Cancer", 3* dice - A lava lamp globule may inflict Paperwork Warp on any document entering its field of influence comes. Paperwork Warp causes progressive alterations to the contents and authenticity of administrative documents, subverting the intent of their drafter. A document infected by that strange and dangerous disease gains the trait "Paperwork Warp Infection, 2* dice", and may contaminate all other documents it comes in direct contact with for more than one week. The more guarantees of integrity the document possesses, the more resistant it proves to be to infection with the Paperwork Warp. Each such distinctive feature increases the difficulty of contamination by one level.