[OtE] [NPC] Dedomena

Sentient red tape

A new NPC for Over the Edge

The fourth sub-level of the Democratic Senate is home to a gargantuan and partially extradimensional female entity, which has been exploring the spheres in order to find a propitious place for laying its eggs. The entity, which is named Dedomena, and her brood can only exist in the conceptual space unfolding through the flow and ebb of bureaucratic, documentary exchange and administrative paperwork.

The dark shapes which can be seen moving through the floating mists of paper dust on floor -4 are crumpled tendrils of lost forms, misplaced folders, and torn triplicate surveys. All of it : tendrils, mists and litter are manifestations of Dedomena in the material world.

Dedomena is the source of the Paperwork Warp. The Paperwork Warp is a disease which menaces all document's integrity. When a document is infected, it undergoes a progressive mutation. Its contents progressively change, sentences disappear, names are inverted or even changed, sums of money increase or decrease, quoted articles warp, signatures become either unrecognizable, very legible, or totally different. The more features of authentication (such as stamps, signatures, heading, logos, plastification, holograms, numbers) the document has, and the more resistant it is to contamination.

The disease is an extension of Dedomena's will, whose only desire is to create more paperwork so that its semi-immaterial progeny can thrive on the increased documentary exchanges. All documentary mutations, therefore, have the same goal: complicating and obscuring things for the person who needs the document, and thereby generating the need for more bureaucratic procedures.

Dedomena spends her time monitoring the fluxes of political influence, infecting as many documents as possible with the Paperwork Warp, and, once in a while, lays soft, fragile eggs in lava-lamp-shaped incubators which are brought to her by her few human allies.

Dedomena appears as a gargantuan and constantly writhing mass of paper shreds amongst dense mists, sometimes extending tendrils of immaterial papier mâché in various directions, even through the walls and ceiling of the level. Any indications of size and mass would be irrelevant, though Dedomena is usually perceived as being bigger than an elephant yet lighter than a silk scarf.

Languages: Dedomena may emulate speech by making her body vibrate. She may express herself in any written language that she may have encountered in the files which compose her "body".

Attack : 3 dice, X2 damage with tendrils

Defense : 3 die

Armor : 2 dice (shield of crumpled business cards)

Hit points: 80 (partially immaterial)


@Partially extradimensional entity - Dedomena is here, but not really there. Any physical damage inflicted to Dedomena is divided by 3. (parts of Dedomena sometimes become invisible)

Bureaucratic Enlightenment, 4 dice - Dedomena does not need to understand bureaucracy as such. Dedomena lives by and through bureaucracy. Her understanding of intricate administrative procedures and her grasp of bureaucratic proceedings are absolute, whatever the situation (asks keen questions).

Fiercely Protective Mother, 3 dice - Woe to those who would harm Dedomena's eggs or break the incubators ! If the people who like to "cut through the red tape" endanger the future habitat of her children, then they may soon find themselves in a kafkaian web of bureaucratic tangles, at the very center of unsolvable clerical conundrums. In cases of emergency, Dedomena would not hesitate to crush enemies between her tendrils or to smother them under paper shreds (tendrils of papier mâché).

Paperwork Warp, a.k.a. "Documentary Cancer", 4* dice - Dedomena may inflict the Paperwork Warp on any document she comes in contact with. A document infected by that strange and dangerous disease gains the trait "Paperwork Warp Infection, 2* dice", and may contaminate all other documents it comes in direct contact with for more than one week. The more guarantees of integrity the document possesses, the more resistant it proves to be to infection with the Paperwork Warp. Each such distinctive feature increases the difficulty of contamination by one level. Dedomena can also contaminate people with its disease. Many if not all clerks of the Senate, and more than a few civil servants in the Al Amarjan administration are in fact healthy carriers of the Paperwork Warp. Each time they handle any kind of physical document, the document is exposed to a fringe disease, which it may "contract" (often requests to examine official documents from her allies).

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