[OtE] [NPC] Alberto Drusano

Uptight butler & household mastermind

A new NPC for Over the Edge

Visitors to the Terceius household are welcomed by a dignified old man of indeterminate mediterranean origin, wearing an old-fashioned butler costume. With a professionnal and uptight demeanor, Alberto Drusano has been acting as butler to the Terceiuses for more than twenty years.

None of these visitors know, however, that the soft-spoken, slightly uptight butler who welcomes them to the Terceius household had been the official Asrdubal Terceius for more than 30 years of scheming and political chicanery, and is still its real leader.

Now that he really is too old for the task of impersonating Asdrubal Terceius, Alberto devotes his time to presiding the family council and making most of the important decisions regarding the Terceius family.

An old man now, he is aware that his time as the leader of the family will soon come to an end. However, Alberto fears that Candero, though a competent politician and an experienced conspirator, may not be completely up to the challenge of leading the Terceius household. Alberto rightly suspects the Terceius household eldest children, and particularly Lavinia, of scheming to wrest control of the Terceius family from Candero, biding their time until Alberto passes away.

Alberto hopes to live long enough to protect Candero's promising 10-year old son Umberto from his siblings and cousins, until he is old enough to take over the duties of leading the Terceius household to greater heights. Alberto is especially wary of Lavinia Terceius, eldest daughter of Candero, whose ambition, to him, appears limitless.

While not presiding the family council, Alberto spends the remainder of his time instructing Terceius youths (including Umberto), sparing the barest time necessary to oversee the activities of the slaves in the Terceius household.

Italian (?) man, age 82 but appearing to be in his late sixties, 176 cm, 67 kgs, back-combed graying hair, gray eyes, wrinkled & weathered tanned face, large but slightly stooped frame, soft voice.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Copt, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Ethiopian, Romanian, Latin, and a smattering of all languages, preferably dead ones, which may have been spoken near or around the mediterranean since 200 BC.

Attack 3+p dice, x3 with gladius

Defense 3+p dice

Hit points: 28 (old bones)


@Unassuming butler, 3 dice - Alberto has been acting as a butler for decades, and has mastered the knacks of the trade through patient practice. He has a firm understanding of the Terceius slaves needs and idiosyncracies, and he is become an expert in unobtrusively listening to guest conversations. (startles people when speaking from behind them)

Ruthless mastermind, 4 dice - Alberto is an old hand at political maneuvering and psychological manipulation, having practiced both every waking minute of each day of his last 40 years. (impeccable manners)

Asdrubal vocal impersonator, 3 dice - Decades ago, Alberto was the official Asdrubal Terceius. This time is long gone and he no longer looks the part, but in a pinch, Alberto is still able to impersonate Asdrubal over phone conversations. (Soft voice with a sometimes raspy edge)

Veteran scrapper, 3 dice + penalty die - Alberto has been in countless fights in his long life as an Asdrubal impersonator, and has picked up countless dirty tricks of close-combat as well as ranged fighting. (sparse scars on his body)

Arthritic - Alberto has a penalty die in situations where his old age is a liability. (Moves slowly)

Daltonism - As a male Terceius, Alberto is unable to perceive color nuances between red and green, and between blue and yellow.