[OtE] [NPC] Candero "Asdrubal" Terceius

Current official Asdrubal Terceius and presumably immortal wizard.

A new NPC for Over the Edge.

The current Asdrubal Terceius took up the duties of impersonating his illustrious ancestor about 10 years ago, and much earlier than was expected, after the spectacular assassination of his uncle Carlo by a gifted necromancer. He was the only member of the family at that time who was both old enough, trained enough and close enough in appearance to the deceased Carlo Terceius to replace him and avenge his death. The family network of informants having managed to track down the necromancer who had boasted of destroying Terceius, Candero decided to stage the necromancer's demise in the most spectacular way possible: loyal Terceius family retainers drugged the necromancer assassin and kidnapped him during his sleep, before implanting a small lump of thermite as well as a remote detonator in his stomach, and then putting back safely at his own home, and keeping him under close surveillance. Candero waited for one week before the necromancer, though having felt a bit queasy for the last few days, decided to attend a warlock meeting in Great Men barrio. Candero paid the Glorious Lords handsomely in exchange for their passivity at his crashing the meeting. When Candero arrived, protected by crossbow-armed retainers, he comfronted the bewildered necromancer before activating the thermite payload. While the necromancer burst into white-hot flames, the new Asdrubal Terceius solemnly addressed the assembled warlocks : "Thus perishes whoever claims to kill an immortal." This event, which sealed Asdrubal Terceius' reputation as an extremely powerful wizard, was both the first and the last overt action ever taken by Candero for the Terceius family. After a few close calls with wizards and apprentice-wannabes trying to prove themselves by challenging him to magical duels (which he either avoided or cheated at), Candero gradually became very concerned that such a reminder of Asdrubal Terceius' power could be a liability rather than an advantage. As a consequence, for the last 10 years, Candero has been protecting and consolidating the assets of the family rather than trying to extend its influence, and many Terceius household members have grown critical of his extremely conservative stance. Candero knows of this criticism, and greatly fears that some other Terceiuses who have come of age would want to replace him prematurely. For the moment, Candero is counting on the moderating influence of Alberto, eldest and most experienced member of the Terceius household, who officially acts as a butler at the Terceius manor.

Italian (?) man, indeterminate age but somewhere between 38 and 55 (and really 31 years old), 186 cm, 76 kgs, light brown hair, gray eyes, sun-tanned skin, weathered face, multiple old scars, very powerful and impressive frame, warm voice.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Copt, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Ethiopian, Romanian, Latin, and a smattering of all languages, preferably dead ones, which may have been spoken near or around the mediterranean since 200 BC.

Attack 3 or 4 dice, X3 with gladius or pilum

Defense 3 or 4 dice

Armor: 1 die (scale mail)

Hit points: 38 (tough)


@Seem Immortal, 3 dice - To this day, all Terceiuses have called themselves Asdrubal or a variation thereof, and pretended to be the one and same founder of their dynasty, marking their own bodies deliberately with scars identical to those of their ancestor, leaving very detailed accounts of their lives for all other later Terceiuses, learning to speak ancient languages, to move in the same manner, to fight as ancient warriors, to spout trivia about any topic and to dabble in the occult. In order to preserve the secret, the male Terceiuses usually quickly become widowers, but there have been some exceptions. At least one case of a female descendant of Asdrubal impersonating her ancestor has indeed been filed in the family archives. Somehow, it seems the egyptian priest's charm was not completely inefficient, after all... (talks about very long past events as if he was around when they happened)

Fighter, 3 dice - Asdrubal Terceius is a knight. He knows how to fight on horse, on foot, with a tower shield and a pilum or gladius. He learnt martial arts with the guys who invented them. He was taught how to shoot a bombard during the seven-year war. He also was a greased-lightning pistolero in 1870's Far West. Don't mess with him. (scarred body, scale mail under that suit and toga)

Honorary Senator, 3 dice - Asdrubal knows exactly what to say and when to say it, which makes him a very shrewd and successful politician. (smooth talker)

Specialty trait: Cowardly survival instinct, 3 dice. This particular incarnation of Asdrubal has never really been able to cope with the Asdrubal legacy, which stands a little to heavily on his shoulders. Combined with a natural cowardly streak, Candero has come to fear for his life, not only from enemies of Terceius, but also from partners and even members of the household. (often throws nervous glances around)

Daltonism - As a male, Asdrubal is unable to perceive color nuances between red and green, and between blue and yellow. Female Asdrubals don't suffer from that flaw.