[OtE] [NPC] Hamir "Twitch" Harlin

Obnoxious Diplobrat

A new NPC for Over the Edge.

Lean man with short-cropped black hair, olive complexion, brown eyes, round glasses with thick lenses, and a continuous twitching in the left cheek. Usually wears a gray, functional suit, a white shirt, and a reddish bowtie. Seems sometimes obnoxious at first, because... well, because he IS obnoxious.

Born of an affair between an unknown syrian princess and an australian ambassador, Hamir Harlin was raised by his unloving father in Australia. Growing up in the midst of diplomatic intrigue, he decided, when he turned 19, to become a diplomat himself, and decided to begin study international law in Sydney. Two years later, his father was sent on a long-term diplomatic mission to Al Amarja, and Hamir decided to follow him, reflecting he could continue to learn the tricks of the diplomatic trade and complete his law studies at D'Aubainne University as well.

Eight months later, Hamir and his father had a peculiar car accident involving two baboons, a puddle of brown mold and a jitney. Hamir's father died in D'Aubainne Hospital, his face gnawed away by a strange flesh-destroying disease, and Hamir, having somehow "lost" his ID in the crash, was turned out to the streets of Al Amarja like any other low-life.

Unable to pay the university fees, he soon found employment as a clerk for Honorary Senator Asdrubal Terceius, and has worked in the Democratic Commons ever since.

He gained a nervous facial tic after two weeks working in the Commons. When questioned on the matter, he usually declares that "the constant noise in the great amphitheater has unbalanced" his "inner serenity", but he doesn't really know where he got the nervous tic which earned him the nickname of "twitch" from his colleagues.

Hamir suffers from a massive inferiority complex, which he counters by trying to over-affirm his own importance. This drives him to torment, humiliate and diminish every person he meets, in every way he can think of to make them abase themselves and suffer on a psychological level. He loves to see people beg and grovel for the OP89-XT7561b "form clarification request" form...

Australian man, age 29, 178 cm, 64 kgs, black hair, brown eyes, olive skin, thick-lensed glasses, reddish bowtie, nervous tic.

Languages: Australian english, a smattering of arabic and various languages.

Attack 2 dice, X2 damage with letter-opener

Defense 2 dice

Hit points: 13 (paper-thin skin)


@Clerk, 3 dice - He knows his job, has a good idea of procedures, knows how bureaucracy works, and how to draw the best (and the worst!) results from reticent administrative personnel. (usually carries piles of documents)

International law student, 3 dice - Has a keen idea of the applicable rules or texts in any given international legal situation. (removes his glasses and wipes them with a tissue when concentrating)

Warp Resistance, bonus die* - Hamir's nervous tic is the outer manifestation of a unconscious fringe power, over which he has no control, and which resembles some sort of immune response to the Paperwork Warp. Every time the Paperwork Warp is trying to infect a document in Harlin's presence, he reacts negatively to the infection - thus the nervous twitch - and unconsciously confers a bonus die to the document in order to resist the contamination. (nervous tic)

Obnoxious, penalty die in more than a few social situations. (perpetual disdainful sneer)

Myopic, penalty die for sight-related tasks when not wearing his glasses. (wears glasses)