[OtE] [NPC] Edouard Xvii

Psychotic Orator

A new NPC for Over the Edge

The overweight low-life woman who only answers to the name Edouard Xvii pronounced with a somewhat (but not quite) french accent "Ay-doo-Ah-R Xvee" (yes, it's a male first name) is one orator who usually only comes to the Democratic Commons in order to vent her rage at the universe in general, and at the members of the Commons in particular.

She is quite a sight in her buffoon-like outfit of clashing colors, sewn with badges, decorative pins, staples and various office stationary, her grime-covered frenzied pudgy face usually red with exertion and rage. Her orations are accompanied by gesticulations even more frantic than those of the clerks. Her shrill voice is, with reason, the terror and pain of all members of the Commons, of whom very few can stand that dreadful sound, but is especially feared by Session Presidents and clerks, who are closest to the orator's pulpits and may not freely leave the amphitheater.

She usually comes to the Commons five times a week, and what she has to say is always different, always insane, always begins with the act under discussion, always lasts at least one hour, and always ends with her shrieking "SEVENTEEEEEEEEN" at the very top of her lungs, a painful noise level for any listeners.

Edouard Xvii is not her real name. She is in fact Hélène Perruchot, a skilled belgian practicing lawyer and former member of the European Parliament. She fled Belgium after having embezzled EU funds: 34 million Euros which were supposed to finance agricultural development in Portugal. She was supposed to transfer the funds to a numbered account in Switzerland, and keep 2 million to herself. Since she took all the risks in the stead of her unknown partners, she decided to transfer only half of the sum, and keep the rest for herself, thinking she would be safe making a SWIFT transfer to a numbered account held by the First National Bank of Al Amarja. That was a big mistake, because unbeknownst to her, the partners she had associated with were a powerful Vornite cell. They found her trail, and sent one operative to scramble her mind. While experiencing the pain of the psychic intrusion, Hélène tried to hold her sanity together by holding on her memories, and failed. The only things she can remember now of her former life are her first romantic interest "Edouard", and "17", the sum of money (in million Euros) she kept for herself. The first time she tried to write in one of her few lucid moments, the only output Hélène could obtain was "Edouard 17", the second part coming out in roman numbers ("XVII"), which she was unable to understand in her diminished state. So she (il-)logically decided that Edouard Xvii was probably her own name.

Al Amarjan (french?) woman, age 48, 165 cm, 108 kgs, dirty blonde hair, bloodshot green eyes, grime-covered pale skin, very overweight, frenzied manner, perpetually muttering insane rants.

Languages: Al Amarjan patois with a not quite french accent, french, flemish

Attack 2 or 3 dice, X2 with gun stapler

Defense 2 or 3 dice

Hit points: 18 (insanely resistant to pain)


@Eloquent orator, 4 dice - Edouard Xvii still retains the great skills in eloquence of her former life. (sometimes articulates clearly)

Former member of the European Parliament, 3 dice - Edouard has accumulated a lot of experience in law and politics and somehow understands much more of what happens in the Democratic Commons, and of the Acts being discussed than her behavior would indicate. (sometimes shrewd gaze)

Strong, 3 dice - Edouard was a fitness adept, and her musculature is still quite developed. (walks faster than could be expected with her girth)

Totally insane - Penalty die in most if not all social situations, bonus die for physical actions. (bloodshot eyes, almost perpetually rants and screams)

Overweight - Penalty die for physical actions, which compensates her bonus die for insanity. (her costume is a little ripped at the seams)