The list of the "Strategic Gamemastering" posts follows for convenience purposes / pour plus de commodité, la liste des billets "Strategic Gamemastering" se trouve récapitulée sur cette page :

Strategic Gamemastering, part 1: RPG theory, Premises and Data gathering
This post exposes the premises of the Strategic Gamemastering method, based on the assumption that gamemasters can systematize their approach for mining data relevant to player-characters, and organize this mining through a game-independent, comprehensive method.

Strategic Gamemastering, part 2: Data organization and exploitation through the THACO
This post exposes the main tool of the Strategic Gamemastering method, namely the Table for Holistic Analytic Creative Organization, also known as Thematic Holistic Analytic Character Outline (THACO), and its use for managing differing creative agendas. A detailed example of use is given for a varied group of player-characters.

Strategic Gamemastering, part 3: Flags, THACO, and plot hook writing practices
This post furthers the Strategic Gamemastering method explanation, with an added description of the THACO aims in comparison to superficially similar tools. Integration of player-characters in preexisting adventures & scenarios is clarified, with further considerations on plot hook writing practices.

Strategic Gamemastering, part 4: Matrix campaigns
This post introduces a radical manner of systematizing the organization and assembly of otherwise discrepant adventures and scenarios in a Matrix campaign, i.e. a systematically consistent campaign metaplot which emerges through the thematic decomposition and recomposition provided by the Strategic Gamemastering method.

Strategic gamemastering, part 5 : Converting THACO links into scenes
This post explains how to switch from a strategic level of gamemastering to the practical tactical level of the gaming session itself, and clarifies the possibility to perform a "creative agenda load balancing" in order to even the narrative importance of player-characters during the game.